religious stance on body modification and budget cuts

There’s this one *in*famous quote from Leviticus that is always quoted when it comes to discussing religion and body modification. I was actually delighted yesterday when I came across an article Theology of the body that, among a few other things, discusses also a stand of the Catholic church on tattoos and piercings. Since it’s quite interesting, here’s also Jewish answers to tough questions, addressing body modification (it’s an older article but the link still works and my own small ‘link archive’ proved to be useful!)

Coincidentally, cross tattoos – designs and what they symbolize.

A German article about allergies and inflammations that sometimes happen during the modification process. It shows that keeping high standards at the shop is crucial. The more surprising then is the news from CO about budget cuts that are going to affect inspections at tattoo and piercing shops. As it was to expected, piercers and tattoo artists are all for frequent inspections and check-ups of their shops.

Something nice to end today’s post – kids and temporary tattoos at a local event in MI.