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tattoos – risks, bans and in museum

Holiday henna warning in the UK (more…) As serious and certainly painful for the boy involved it is, the ‘tattoo’ and its pictures seem kind of weird to me – slightly different positioning of the tattoo in different pictures etc. Also, help and advice on henna tattoos.

Home-made tattoos are risky, too. And, obviously, they actually happen – a teenage amateur ‘tattoo artist’ got fined for tattooing two underage girls.

Once you are tattooed, you can get banned from showing them off in public places – Japanese water parks banning people with tattoos from entering premises. And it really isn’t as outrageous as it sounds.

Two articles about women and tattoos – life at the sharp end shows a few female tattoo artists in the industry and the best female tattoo designs.

NYC’s first tattoo museum is supposed to be open this summer.

Maybe the craziness is starting now? A German sportswoman with ‘Olympic rings’ tattoo and a Chinese guy with ‘Olympic torch‘ tattoo on his forehead.

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