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tattoo shops and ‘shocked seniors’

A few articles featuring shops and customers… Emma starts up tattoo business, WSU students’ tattoo tales and ink-credible skin – get the tattoo you want (with same ol’ but still useful points to consider before getting a tattoo done).

News of the day? Miami Ink team comes to Edinburgh, Scotland soon. I’m not thrilled but others might be.

Two new articles from the Netherlands discussing the photo exhibition featuring tattoos and piercings that had to be removed from the nursing home. What’s new here is a little more information on the exhibition and a few photos.

Among many attitudes towards tattoos (and body modification in general) three most common ones are ‘love’, ‘hate’ and ‘making fun of them’. Here’s celeb tat blunders!

The article ‘tattoos will come back to haunt you‘ is bitter in tone and simplifies the question but the author is right about one thing – think before you ink!

Very general but quite nicely done and straight from Ghana, so I want to have it here – in the beginning was tattoo.

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