dress code strikes again

Just when the stir about LAFD and their dress code subsided, now there is a new dress code case in Des Moines, IA – this time it’s policemen that are not allowed to display their body art while on duty. The question posed in this article from MO, should police be allowed to display their tattoos?, is a good one and, as usual, reading comments on the article is quite interesting.

More news from the US – prisoners with hepatitis C sue CA prisons. Since many prisoners are at risk of infection while getting tattooed in prison, it’s obvious why it’s crucial to keep everything as clean and sterile as possible.

Interesting news from the Netherlands – a photo exhibition featuring piercings and tattoos, displayed in one of the local nursing homes, was removed after many complaints from patients, their families and workers at the home. As it was stated in the article, the choice of the subject of the exhibition was a surprise for the management (more).

Wayne Rooney’s new tattoo.

A real ‘gem’ not only because the author tried to put in the title as many ‘sophisticated’ words as possible but also because he really missed many points: Desecration of the depraved and despised.