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news from Hawaii and body art for everyone (and everything)

Just when I thought it’d be all about Paris Hilton and Pharrell Williams again …

Hawaiian tattoo artists urge stricter laws to make the industry safer (more here). Hard to believe that the current ‘law’ there is 27 years old now. As an interesting point, one of tattoo artists quoted, Tricia Allen, wrote an interesting book ‘Tattoo Traditions of Hawaii’.

More statistics on body piercing (in Dutch) – who gets pierced what most often.

An insight into tattoo shop life – Shop Talk.

A random thought about tattooed women; coincidentally, I actually dislike fat guys with no tattoos whatsoever (unless they are open-minded that is).

Sure it’s important news – Kat Von D and plastic surgery?

Something unusual: temporary tattoos used for people’s safety (not only for kids this time around) and body art for electronic devices.

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