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With Euro 2008 over for good, journalists’ attention will probably switch to athletes getting ready for the Olympic Games in Beijing. I think it’s a pretty safe bet. Here’s the good bye to footballers’ tattoos then and sort of hello to (I guess) a wave of articles about tattoos spotted in China – a Canadian hurdler getting a personal tattoo.

In more serious news, more about the German campaign promoting healthy skin and two articles from the US about tattoos (with some odd statements in) and body piercing safety.

Still much talk about the movie ‘Wanted’ and Jolie’s tattoos in it. Apparently two of her tattoos for the movie were inspired by words of Winston Churchill. Wonder what he would say if he knew how his words were used. Maybe he would react as one of the American rappers, though, who changed his stance on tattoos when he met Jolie and saw that it’s possible to have tattoos and be a lady.

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