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people’s opinions, patriotic tattoos and an international touch

As the old Roman saying wants, vox populi vox Dei, so it’s actually very interesting to read what ordinary people have to say on a given subject. In this case, young Germans discuss their own piercings and their stand on possible risks, and German internet users throw in their two cents on the recent ‘Petz-Paragraph’.

Since yesterday was July 4, American newspapers just could not resist not to mix patriotism and body art – a Tonga American shows his love for America and firefighters show their devotion to the nation.

On a different note, dress code and some statistics on body art straight from Toronto, Canada.

And finally articles from around the world: body art in SA and an article from Malaysia – Acceptance of subcultures reflects a mature society.

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2 responses to “people’s opinions, patriotic tattoos and an international touch

  1. Jacques ⋅

    a shame theres no picture of the facial tattoos.
    also a shame i cant read german..or spanish..or anything except english really hahahah, to school!

  2. aniareads ⋅

    yeah, I’d love to see pictures of this ‘patriotic’ facial project, too.

    it’s a shame I can’t read more languages cuz, obviously, there’s some coverage of the subject out there. German newspapers never disappoint – there’s always something about tattoos or piercings in them and the Spanish ones seem like that, too.

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