more news about tattoos

A few interesting links today but the most sensational one seems this about a teenager ‘inventing’ an unusual method of tattooing: ‘Teenager brands himself with ‘laser tattoos’’ (here in Spanish).

Law-related: this NJ article not only presents one of local tattoo artists but also sheds some light on NJ laws regulating body art and apprenticeship at a tattoo shop. Local officials in the UK promise to tighten the laws on piercing hygiene (quite rightly pointing out that the current laws are outdated and that times changed) and news from Russia.

Favorite subject of those who are against body art – risks and health complications: a lip piercing gone wrong and a temporary tattoo leading to a scar on a young boy. In a similar vein, PA newspaper (‘Standard Speaker’ seems to publish a lot about body modification) writes about ‘few options available for removal of tattoos’.

An article about links between indigenous body art in Australia and ancient rock art (another one). And since tattoos and body art in general are such a hit during summer, here’s a brief overview of history of tattooing.

Marked with meaning’ presents a few people and stories behind their tattoos. And since very often we get tattoos reflecting our hobbies and passions, here’s an article about cycling tattoos.