more law, more dress code, more tattoos

Today brought more news from Germany. Also, a ‘Healthy Skin’ campaign in Germany.

New laws in TN – one of them is about regulating tattoo shops; it’s not ground-breaking, though.

An English , lip-pierced, teenager got banned from taking an important exam; for a change, an article from Barbados poses a question of dress code for teachers.

Two interesting articles from Newsweek – mother’s perspective on her son’s tattoos and an article about ‘Body Art: Marks of Identity’, an exhibition in the American Museum of Natural History (it’s an old article, though).

A ‘gem’ from WA discussing ‘the ugly practice of body piercing and tattooing’ and an interesting, anecdotal article from ID.

To make it a little more international, a Dutch article about game tattoos and the news from Peru about tattoo removal (in Spanish).

I have a tattoo session scheduled for tomorrow, so the next update will be probably on July 4.