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Let’s start with an earthquake …

As of today, the German law makes doctors inform the proper authorities about patients with health complications caused by body piercing, tattooing and plastic surgery. It is already criticized for violating medical confidentiality and personal data protection (more…) If I misread or misinterpreted anything here, feel free to correct me and comment on the subject!

More in the Law category, this time from the US: House Bill 739, called the Tattoo, Body Piercing, Corrective Cosmetic Artists Act’ is discussed in an article ‘Needle no’s’. That’s all what I found about the said bill so far.

And the news from NM – tattoo change protects constitutional rights!

Authorities may be against visible body art on policemen but other people voice it differently – a MD newspaper editor’s note.

Finally something original about ‘think before you ink’: one of the summer events sponsored by St. Joseph Public Library in MO is a short course educating teenagers about tattoos (permanency, risks etc).

Such courses as this one in MO sound like a good idea, especially in the light of the most recent revelation about one Pharrell Williams who wants to get rid of his old tattoos by means of skin transplant (the word is spreading fast – German, Dutch). Mr. Williams is using the help and expertise of Wake Forest Institute, NC.

A new book about tattoo art – The Art Of Angelique Houtkamp

Something more entertaining: the most beautiful tattoos of Euro 2008 and Paris Hilton on tattoo ban.

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