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tattoos – history, popularity, sexual orientation and some more

Sometimes I have a problem with choosing the most interesting stuff because there are so many interesting (on many levels) articles out there…

More in the LAFD case – kind of repetitive, so I’d really like to see some progress here, esp. seeing as the tattooed firefighters seem to have some support from the local community. Their stories and reasons begin to make some impact on me!

The most popular tattoo designs/ styles and an article about tattoos gay men and women seem to choose the most often.

A man concerned about preserving local history of tattooing (I’m glad to read about people who actually care about more than just cool looks or money) and a short article in Dutch about Indonesian people to whom tattoos based on their culture are a way to show their cultural background/ heritage.

Celeb glitter – tattoos on the famous people (in Spanish) and a baseball player expressing himself via ink.

A touch of Americana for me – a biker rally in Johnstown, PA (with a video attached) and a few words of appreciation for the volunteers working at the event.

This one I really liked – there’s a tattoo shop at Guantanamo Base and it seems pretty busy at that!

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