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‘tattoo’ can have more than just one meaning

Most sources available derive the word ‘tattoo’ from a Tahitan word ‘tatau’ (which, as I read, means ‘to mark’) and we tend to associate ‘tattoo’ with permanent skin marking/decorating. Today I learned that the word ‘tattoo’ can be also derived from two old Dutch words, ‘tap’ and ‘toe’ (the word ‘taptoe‘ means ‘shut the tap’) which are used to describe a military event that has nothing to do with tattooing the way most of us think of here. Anyway, Freedom Call’s Tattoo, with probably no real tattoos whatsoever, is going to happen tomorrow in Dayton.

Tattoos as permanent body art and tattoo as a military event aside, there are also airbrush tattoos that, allegedly, are becoming more and more popular. Up to all of us to decide which art form is better – permanent or easy to wash off ‘art’

German newspapers are focused on football players and their tattoos again – this time they’re paying more attention to forearm tattoos, quite fashionable as it seems, among European footballers.

Hopefully, though, the sportsmen are aware of ambiguity of body art and how it can be received/perceived by ordinary people – according to a recent survey published in one of German online newspapers, more than 50% people perceive body art (tattoos and piercings) as unattractive and only 6% think the opposite. Before I start regretting my own tattoos, though, I’ll wait for more statistics in a similar vein and maybe will try to test/question people myself.

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