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LAFD tattoo policy and a few other things …

The recent ‘LAFD tattoo policy‘ still gets coverage on the web and, even though it’s pretty annoying to go through at least a few articles on the subject every day, it’s quite interesting to see how most of the authors seem to support firefighters and think the tattoo policy is silly (to put it mildly).  Maybe not that surprising, however, if one remembers that firefighters tend to be perceived as American heroes and their status and esteem grew even more after 9/11.

Negative stereotypes about tattooed people are still alive but these days the tattooed do a lot to change their negative image in the society. Here’s one of them – Scary Guy who travels around the world and tries to make a difference one anti-violence speech at a time.

A pretty weak article about one student’s assignment involving tattoo parlors. The one thing that saved it for me was the High Priestess shop (quite reputable a place from OR) somewhat described here.

Finally, a funny text about temporary tattoos used  to advertise various businesses during TV primetime. Who knows, maybe it’ll be a hit very soon?

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