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The celeb *under*world is not something to take very seriously but one can’t deny that no matter how pointless or silly their stunts are, the Hilton/Richie/Jolie/etc. play a very important role on a social level – they make the society get used to weirdness. Jolie is both known for her acting and tattoos and so are many other celebs. No wonder then that Jolie’s tattoos make headlines pretty often. In her new movie, ‘Wanted’, Jolie doesn’t need to cover her tattoos; quite the opposite actually as some fake ones were added to be shown on the screen – short articles in German and Dutch.

With Euro 2008 frenzy still going on, football players, and their tattoos, hit the headlines pretty much every day now. Here’s another short article about football and tattoos (with a slide show to make the point clearer).

Tattoo-ID system was mentioned in a Spanish online newspaper today – another example of ‘internet hiccup’.

According to this Indian article, tattoos are ‘passe’ in India now and the real deal is body piercing in many forms (a naval piercing anyone?). One must remember, however, especially in the light of recent articles about body piercing risks, that sometimes a piercing can go wrong – a British woman started body piercing awareness campaign after her son died from blood poisoning allegedly related to his lip piercing.

Policemen and dress code again – should we who are not in the police force stop complaining about our professional lives being so hard due to our mods?

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