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let’s see more of the world …

One of the main reasons I got interested in newsfeed in the first place was my growing fatigue with how europo- and americanocentric body modifcation coverage is. We know the big European and American names in the ‘industry’, we attend conventions and know what’s ‘in’ at the moment and yet, even though we like to claim how much of a passion and even love it is for us, we know close to nothing about the ‘industry’ outside Europe and North America.

Three articles from Indonesia then – one featuring an Indonesian artist, one discussing attitudes towards tattoos in Indonesia and the last one covering, a.o., a tattoo convention that took place over there not that long ago!

And to keep it so nicely international, an article from Kenya about the ‘industry’ growing and gaining more and more popularity there.

Since it’s unavoidable to come across an American accent, however, here’s a proof how commendable, or maybe simply silly, firefighters’ attitude towards tattoos is – another firefighter decided to make his professional life harder and went for a memorial tattoo.

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