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dress code again and a few tattooed women

It’s not only sailors and criminals that boost the statistics of the tattooed people in the society; it’s also policemen and firefighters. As for the policemen, these from KY had their hard time just a few weeks ago. This time there’s some hard time in store for Californian firefighters (and, as the news coverage has it, these days there is a 3-digit temperature in CA). Interesting that the tone of the article is very supporting for the firefighters and their love for body art although I don’t think the author of this article is a fan of tattoos herself.

Body modification, as obvious and usually unnoticed as it is, is not only about shocking value, desperate attempts to look ‘cool’ etc. etc. but it’s also about good people with big hearts – in one of Canadian towns there is an event ‘Tattoo for the Cure‘ running till Sunday. It’s actions like this one that might change the stereotypes!

Despite the body modification industry growing, tattoos becoming more and more popular, and more and more women going for a piercing or a tattoo, there are, I think, still way less heavily tattooed women than men. The same goes for female tattoo artists. Let’s make this post a little gender-oriented then: an article about quite heavily tattooed woman who started getting tattooed later in life, an article about a female artist soon to leave her mark and open her own shop in VA and an interview with a female artist from CA.

Also, a very interesting article about British Goths – an overview of people from various background and of various age that have one in common – fascination with goth subculture.

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