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Tattoo-ID and around the world

This piece of news is not that new but it made headlines today: new system helps police match tattoos to suspects (more and in Dutch). Tattooed bodies can, indeed, be pretty unique unless their owners prefer flash from custom work.

I really enjoy reading about individuals and their tattoos – it’s an interesting thing to read about tattooed people from all over the world and the way they decided to change their bodies. Today in People’s category I could read about a guy from WV and his passion for tattoos and his wife (these two go hand in hand) and a Canadian preacher whose body art collection seems pretty impressive.

As for the Around the World part, there’s a pretty general article about tattoos from Cuba (the first time I got to read anything published in Cuba; in Spanish), an article about growing popularity of tattoos among the Italian footballers (oddly enough, it’s in Spanish again) and an article about tattoos and Miami Ink TV show which seems pretty popular in SA. The last link is from Turkey (in English); too bad it’s not very detailed.

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