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tattoos and dress code

Body modification and work is and probably always will be a very hot topic 😉 The visibly modified feel discriminated pretty often; too tattooed to work, so to speak. I know I used to hate covering/using retainers/taking out my own modifications but somehow I grew out of it and now, with more work done than ever, I really don’t mind showing at work in long sleeves only, even during summers with 30C outside. I’m getting paid for doing the job, not for looking this ‘original and unique’ way!

Ascot is not a place I’d associate with tattoos or piercings and yet also here there’s a pretty strict dress code and, to some degree, it also covers tattoos (although the tone of the article is light, so not really sure how serious it actually is). The point, however, is that it’s *not” always about the tattooed and pierced people being discriminated or frowned upon; in a way, all of us need to dress one way or another when necessary. Why to eternally complain about it then?

This one is a real ‘gem’: disfigured skin points where culture is going! This attitude used to annoy me big time; now it’s just amusing. And really, with the galloping obesity rate in the developed countries (and yet nothing here about ‘disfigured bodies’!) and a few other issues, I’d be glad to get back to simpler times and better defined rules.

On a more serious note, another article about ink, tattoos and safety.

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