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Tattoos in a few contexts

A day late but I came across the links only today: Friday the 13th tattoo-marathon at Elm Street Tattoo in Deep Elum, TX and a similar deal in AZ. The idea is kind of cool and goofy, so I wouldn’t really mind if Polish tattoo artists tried to go for it as well.

To stay in the morbid climates for a little while longer, here’s a somewhat unusual wish of a guy from Australia: Display my hide when I’m dead!

Maybe the subject of Euro 2008 is not particularly popular in Poland atm (we’re losing, damn!) but tattoos are omnipresent on the footbal fields: Euro 2008 Stars’ coolest tattoos (and its version in German).

Tattoo Removal Program for ex-offenders – wiping your skin off completely seems the best option sometimes!

And sometimes tattoo industry is a beginning of someone’s life: Living a dream for the love of tattoo.

I guess, the point of this post is that even if it’s “just” tattoos, you still can look at them from so many points of view!

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