the driving force

We all should have sth that trully matters to us, sth that makes us better ppl and lets us express ourselves. When you modify your body, you know that you can modify (or change) other things as well and then you really can become a change you want to see in the world (even if Ghandi didn’t really mean it this way ;)

human rights

The Human Rights Tattoo Project reminds us of sth that should be a given and which is not even in the Western world. Ppl in other parts of the world still fight for their own rights and very often a right to decide what to do with your own body is just a beginning!

tattoo stories

without my tattoos I wouldn’t be myself” – radical? maybe but we all have our own feelings, perspectives and a right to have them!

Tattoos express who we are and how we feel about ourselves, the world around, ppl and ideas. This article tries to show us that tattoos also reflect changes in times and perspectives and maybe it’s not as far fetched as it might seem to be at first.

‘be a change you want to see …? again? Hell yes and these ordinary tattooed ppl from WI prove it with their charity drive – small steps, good deeds and the color of your skin may not matter one day!


And a Polish one – why it must be always the semi-naked women on the calendar pages? Let the men show what they have, too ;)

book review: Asterix and the Picts

A visit in the Palmengarten today where I came across a comic book ‘Asterix bei den Pikten.’ Since it’s about tattoos in a way, I bought it.


The Picts remain mysterious even now, so one can make them be many things. The Asterix series made them humorous, not very heavily tattooed (or painted for that matter) and pretty much as rebelious as the famous Gauls. Overall it makes for a funny and light read!

deutschland, deutschland …

I keep having Hanzel und Gretyl’s music in my head these days and seeing how I’ve been in Germany for almost  4 weeks now, no wonder that German news coverage is of special interest to me! ;)

Probably it’s the sign of the summer lull – a Swiss online magazine started running a series of articles focused on the origins and meaning of tattoos.

ban on hell's angels tattoos

In some parts of Germany Hell’s Angels and Los Basndidos’ tattoos can’t be shown in public and they must be covered by clothing or band aids.

Also from Germany a short and uninteresting (but it’s all for the recording’s sake) article about ear stretching (and I want to order some new eyelets from Wildcat, based in Germany, of course!).

Berlin-based artist Chaim Machlev is an amazing artist!

From Bastian a nice article on body suspension!

medical tattoo

Medical tattoos – they may seem a good idea and yet they have stirred some controversy! Coincidentally, there was also something on this subject in the Polish news coverage.

The tattoo scene in Denmark isn’t very well-known, so I read this article with quite an interest. Apparently, acc. To the Danish law, there are some placements that are illegal to cover with tattoos but now there’s growing demand for such tattoos.

Temporary tattoos and good books – two in one!

tattoos and fandom

Finally, good to read, interesting and dealing with pop culture – tattoos and fandom!

book review: Bled for Boston

bled for boston

If you are a runner, marathon holds a special meaning for you. You may have run it tens of times already or you’re thinking about doing it for the first time ever but, granted, once you start running and feeling how your body becomes fitter and fitter, you also start thinking about venturing outside your comfort zone and facing the Marathon Beast!

Among countless marathon events held every year all around the globe, the Boston Marathon is very special! It’s the oldest modern marathon race; you can’t just sign up and go for it, you have to earn the right to run it; it’s a legend on its own!

What happened on April 15, 2013 shocked pretty much everyone, not only runners! But you can’t stop or break a runner, so no wonder that soon after the bombings Bostonians and their supporters started helping one another, fund raising and just showing that no matter what, the race is still on!

Bled for Boston pic

Christopher Padgett, an American photographer, stepped out and recorded people’s stories, sacrifices, losses and strength and presented it in a book ‘Bled For Boston.’ It’s a moving collection of photographies of people who were witnesses of a tragedy and whose lives were changed. They wrote down their stories by means of their Boston tattoos and grew even stronger!

The only downside of the book? It’s too short!

Christopher Padgett, Bled for Boston, 2014;

Bled for Boston ii


tattoo angles

world cup-related

The World Cup in full swing, so no wonder that there are still lots of articles related to football and tattoos. Here you can read about footballers with the coolest tattoos, footballers with iffy Asian tattoos, international connections reflected in the players’ tattoos, temporary face tattoos and the biggest fan of one Brazilian football club.

Tattoos and jobs make for a fascinating topic on their own. Tattoos in the US Army, tattoos in Hawaii Police Department (Oahu), tattoos and police in Germany, certain professions and their taboos.

Tattoos and Christians. An American televangelist declared tattoos as a heathen practice; coincidentally, thousands of miles away, a German pastor is very interested in having a group of tattooed people for his community/ parish Sunday celebration. Also, Christian tattoos are getting more and more popular which must be a final proof of the strange charm of Evil!


A book review: ‘Playing With Identity’ book (about tattoos in Poland).

body piercing day

International Body Piercing Day took place yesterday! This day is also Jim Ward‘s b-day and without him everything would have lookeed way different for all of us!

And that’s something I came across yesterday: an interview with a Polish mother-daughter team of tattooers on Polish TV.

read, work, help, be

Since I just treated myself with a copy of ‘Bled for Boston’ book (hopefully soon in my mailbox!), let’s start with books: another article, this time in Dutch, about a book ‘Why I love Tattoos’ and a piece of news concerning a new book by Lal Hardy.


For book lovers who are not that commited to tattoos: temporary book tattoos.

Tattoos in museums: Jessica Harrison and her tattooed figurines plus Henk Schiffmacher lecturing on the history of tattoos next weekend.

Body modifications at work again thanks to a young woman from Canada who decided to fight against the stereotypes. Editorials written in response to her actions don’t let us cherish any illusion about her possible victory. Interestingly enough, enough the famous dr. Mark Benecke seems not to be immune to prejudice although this Bild article sounds very strange.

But there are fascinating stories behind people’s tattoos and we shouldn’t forget about it. A Polish article focuses on just that but a story from the Washington Post about Ian Desmond and his fight against NF is way more interesting.

10 things you might not know about tattoos’ – give it a read.

In Birma there’s a thing #11 you didn’t know about tattoos – with a video and in German.


‘Modified charity’ from Philippines where tattoo artists supported kids in need and also tried to show their sensitive side.

In Scotland ‘Yes’ tattoos even though there’s still some time to the local Scottish independence referendum.

la vida loca

The topic of dress code is still present online, especially in Germany.

tattoos on footballers

Footballers are not only allowed but also expected to show off their tattoos although not always they face social acceptance.

Tattoo sleeves as a hipster habit? This article says so. Another one shows clearly how tattoos have become not only a life style but also a kind of accessory – ‘how to wear a watch with tattoos?’ not only focuses on fashion but also mentions Mo Coppoletta and his collaboration with a watch designer (it’s actually a little gem!).

Tattoo artists around the Western world: Oliver Lonien from Germany, Michael Rose from the UK, Quori Senyon, Rudy Hetzer and Kat Von D from the US and a short interview highlighting the job itself.

book why i love tattoos

Tattoos and their meanings from Germany: four moving tattoos and a new book on tattoos. A tattoo museum (worth a visit?) in Germany.

Can Jews have tattoos?’ is a frequently asked question.

pain for sale

Modified charity: Pain For Sale shop hosted a fund raiser for animals! A cool name of the shop, too!

Two very interesting ones for dessert: ‘getting tattooed in Japan’ and ‘hanging out with the body suspension crew’ from Ireland. In the latter a very interesting question was asked:

‘It’s not for the squeamish, but calling people who practice body suspension “idiots” and belittling what they do for kicks, seemed out of proportion. Is it any more absurd than golf?’

tattoos against the world?

 tattoo prejudice ii

Dress code again as it’s still quite controversial. One of the Ottawa Convention Centre workers got back to work but since we live in a small world these days, we know that such things happen all over the world. Examples? A German woman’s application to the police forces was denied due to a tattoo on a forearm.  In Australia a man was asked to cover his tattoos while at a night club. The Time magazine and other magazines, too, ran articles on prejudice against body art and based them on an academic research and subsequent article titled ‘stigma of ink: tattoo attitudes among college students’ (the highlights being:

  • Having a tattoo, tattooed friends and tattooed family members is correlated with less stigma against tattooed persons.
  • Beliefs that tattooing involves health risks and pain is correlated with greater stigma against tattooed persons.
  • Among tattooed and non-tattooed, older respondents are less likely to get a future tattoo.
  • Among tattooed respondents a greater number of tattoos and greater coverage are correlated with greater experience of stigma and a greater commitment to current tattoos.
  • Among tattooed respondents greater experience of stigma is correlated with greater concealment and greater likelihood of removal.)

 Fortunately, it wasn’t all that depressing and ‘the whole world against us’ thanks to an article about a German heavily tattooed lawyer who seems to keep his cool about his own ink and the way the world treats him!

Kind of ironic: 2 in 1, a pre-school teacher and a tattooer – the principal doesn’t mind and she even got some publicity.

movie quotes tattoos

Movie tattoos: famous movie tattoos and romantic movie tattoos. Nothing new but making the body art more popular and less scary (unless it’s the villains only that are tattooed).

An NBA and tattoo enthusiast and his magnum opus: a blog devoted to NBA tattoos.

Tattoos in NFL: Madden 15 video game and for the first time it features some tattoos. Also games-related: Tetris game turns 30.

Lars Krutak’s book review in German: ‘Magical Tattoos and Scarification.’ Adds lots of depth to pop pulp of the many modern tattoos ;)

Popular tattoos: cat tattoos in NYC and soccer-themed tattoos in Brazil (where else now?)

It’d certainly unusual and allowed me to refresh my very rusty Swedish: a needle lost in a tattooer’s body 40 years ago finally removed (in Swedish). Hard to believe actually!


Eye candy for men: a German magazine Tattoo Erotica celebrates 10 years anniversary (kind of sexist cover – why there aren’t that many tattooed guys on the magazine covers? and liberating as body art can be, it still objectifies women in many ways!) and a short story of the Suicide Girls.

like superheroes!


A bit more publicity for Vince Hemmingson’s Tattoo Project book – a picture book focused on ordinary people with extraordinary tattoos. You can read about it here but a really nice review was posted on the needles and sins blog (which is always a good source of info on tattoos).

Here’s a video showing work on the book in progress:

I must say that I really love the juxtaposition of the covered and uncovered skin. It reminds me not only that we never know much about people we come across but also that all people that don’t understand our passion for tattoos should beware – there’s a lot more of us than you might think at first ;)

clipped wings


tattoo artist seems to be a new ‘in’ profession for romance/ erotic fiction. Cowboys? Gone they are. Businessmen? Probably went down along with the Lehman Brothers. Now it’s the tattoo artists that personify the wild streak in men and allure for women.

I came ascross this interview yesterday and read it with some interest. After all, why wouldn’t I be interested in reading a story centered on a tattoo artist? The author discussed the plot and the hidden meanings quite eloquently and enthusiastcally. Posts on her website show how active and strong the modern marketing machine is and how omnipresent it might be both for fans and potential readers.

So I was ready to buy the book, impulsive and book-loving as I am. For now, however, I limited myself to just going through a Kindle sample of the ‘Clipped Wings’ story and maybe that’s it for me? Somewhow I would like to read something more meaty about the oh-so hip and depraved world of body mods than a bored tattooist tired of working on college girls and suddenly into a totally unique college girl with the troubled past.

It’s not a review, not a recommendation and certainly not a critical opinion of a book I read only two chapters from; it’s just a way to keep myself (and some others interested in the subject) up to date on what’s published on tattoos and how they are perceived by others out there.