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nuns vs. tattoo artists – that’s a duel!

Pretty exotic this time around:

Tattoos in the post-war Iraq on the rise; a Muslim boy from Uganda in love with tattooing; better not to get a Buddha tattoo as a souvenir from a trip to Asia (politics aside, it’s actually a sensible move – we should respect others beliefs and culture!).

Good to be proud of your heritage! I hope that’s the reason behind the Fiji Airways’ move to decorate their new airplane with traditional tattoo designs!

Passion for Google or just an attempt to earn some money? A Google tattoo.

Where’s the Norwegian Pain Solution now? Probably still in the US as this flyer suggests.

A slide show letting us know how much the top tattoo artists charge here (in Polish).

An interview with Marcus the Creature.

Finally, something that seems quite cool: The American Bible Challenge featuring tattoo artists vs. nuns! Who said that Christianity can’t be both educational and fun? (at least so it seems!)

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