diverse and that’s why interesting

Apple Watch and tattoos

An explanation why the Apple Watch doesn’t work on tattooed skin.

arm modifications

bizarre’ arm modifications – do they make you gasp? ;)

Rick-Walters' legend

Rick Walters – one of the living legends of the industry.

Polish musicians

Always cool when it’s in Polish – tattoos on Polish musicians and the modern tattoo scene as seen by tattoo artists and their customers!

different views

tattoos are a bad idea - that's the point

Since I lived in this city years ago, news from South Bend, IN always catch my attention. This time it’s also tattoos-related and not in a good way. As it could be expected, there were some reactions to it on the web. I really like the one adivsing to lighten up about tattoos and recommending just being a kind, decent human being – we won’t change people’s fears and perception by sulking and being aggressive but we can win them with our kindness … or sth ;)

More and more older people opt for a tattoo – that’s both good and interesting, even if not very new.

Blindspot - Season Pilot

A “Blindspot” TV series focuses on tattoos, crimes and riddles.

go big!

A Polish article presents the local scene and the growing interest in tattoos. Another one, focused on the South Korean tattoo scene, presents cats-themed tattoos done in South Korea despite the fact that tattoos are still a taboo there.

Digital tattoos show what the future might bring.

A swedish teaching assistant has been pushing limits with his ear stretching passion.

fund for a disabled teen

Finally, say what you want but everyone can help – a body piercing fund raiser to collect money for a disabled teen!

iTattoo? not really!

Who could suspect that the new Apple Watch wouldn’t be tattoos-compatible? And yet, such reports are circulating on the web now!

A great initiative to save a tattooed soldier’s career! Tattoos don’t make us inferior; if anything, they make us stronger, better, more unique!

30 seconds to Mars

An interesting article in Polish about the 30 Seconds to Mars band and their Polish fans, tattoos included!

mix and match!

A few different topics, several different languages and yet it’s all about tattoos! ;)

dress code issue

A Polish article about students, their tattoo choices and how these tattoos affect their job search and the way they are perceived as employees.

warum Tattoos super sind

Why tattoos are super – a German article with not enough depth but not everyone is profound, right?

Tattoos mean not only rock’n’roll but also hard work, daily practice and your customer’s trust!

Japanese tattoo art

Finally, an interesting article, especially for those who live in Virginia as they will have a good opportunity to learn more about Japanese tattoo art!

tattoos in pop culture

Vin Los

Vin Los, a wannabe model with strange tattoos landed a modelling gig and who knows, maybe his biggest wish will come true after all?

Amy Dowell of the Painted Lady shop has a long waiting list and impresses with talent and love for the trade!

Finally, an article that was supposed to be interesting altho it didn’t turn out this way – 21 reasons tattoos are wrong! I’m not convinced at all!


Lewis Family Tattoo Company

The face of the tattoo scene has been changing over the years and now it has less and less to do with rebellion, alternative scene and underground things. But it’s pretty cool to see that tattoo shops also want to break the negative stereotypes and show that tattooed people are alos family (wo)men. This Canadian urban blog post describes it so-so but at least it brings our attention to the way things change!

Keith-Gordon and his sulking wife

And here something that resembles the *in*famous Jerry Springer Show: tattoo addict’s wife sleeping with a monster! Would she prefer to sleep with one of My Little Ponnies? ;)

deep and shallow!

I’ve been stating it over and over again and I don’t think I’ll ever stop – it’s amazing in how many different ways the body modification issue is portrayed in the articles written by people around the web and around the world! Here are just two examples:

A moving commentary on the recent female genital piercings classified as FGM in the UK!

And here for soemthing totally different: 13 reasons why tattooed men are hot! Fascinating? You bet it is! ;)

tattoos are hot