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Wanganui events

It’s not the first event of this sort ever, of course, but there seems to be a very positiive, exciting atmosphere around this one. A local libary in a not overly well-known New Zealand town called Wanganui organized a series of events focused on tattoos. Septmeber is a tattoo month for Wanganui and the experiences taken from it will make people more open-minded in the future.

Wanganui Library tattoo event



One of these I came across today and in Polish at that, so it might be too obscure but I find it really interesting. The article on the blog in question is so-so but the blog itself seems to handle its subject in a very cool, open-minded way.

The name of the blog is self-explanatory and the Common English translation is provided, so you can check it out even if you don’t read Polish. What I personally liked the best about it was a short note saying: “Thank You. We gather memories, we gather photos. We don’t judge, don’t lough at anyone, don’t compare. We listen.” (and I’m not gonna be anal about spelling or style – was guilty of typos and poor style many times myself!)

In the end, what counts the most is feelings and memories we associate with our tattoos!

Disney with a twist

Disney with a twist

That’s a new-old take on the Girl Power concept and I like how colorful it is. All the characters modified by the artist are infamous for their submissiveness and readiness to compromise themselves to be loved by their men (Cinderella ran barefoot on only gawds know what roads, Arielle went so far as removing her tongue and ability to speak out for herself and it didn’t really pay off etc) and here they are regaining their power in a way. Sure, they still look like a tatted-up version of Barbie but there’s a certain edge about them and I like them in a way.

A much more interesting, however, take on Disney characters was done by another Italian artist, Alexandro Palombo who dared to take us waay behind our comfort level and confronted us with disabilities. Very interesting and thought-provoking but also served in a light way.

Disney like us

Now, who’ll take male characters and start working on them? 


knuckle tattoos

Chipping away from the newsfeed clog in my mailbox but I came across this one thanks to my home WiFi access (home sweet home!). Something I’ll never do myself (and it’s not only because of the visibility of the placement) but it’s also this kind of tattoo I really like. If I ever decided to go for a knuckle tattoo myself, I’d get “have fun!”! ;)

base hooking

Of course it”s not the proper name for the activity you see in the pics in this post but I like playing with words. This summer I got to hear a lot about it and YES, I’d love to try it myself one day. Wyrd geht stets seinen Lauf, so who knows? For now, let’s admire those who have enough courage, skills and a sense of fun to try it!

You can read a little about it here and here.


Stanislav-Aksenov (1)


There’s always a great mix of topics on the Net and I actually enjoy switching form one subject to another. You can approach body modification from many angles, too!

MS ribbon tattoo
An important, food-for-thought angle: MS and medical tattoos.

A kind of social angle: a tattoo artist who really is just a normal guy, far from the *in*famous rock’n’ roll lifestyle of many tattooers, who actually tries to change the way ‘normal’ people usually think about heavier tattooed people.

A gender/ entertainment angle: an interview with a tattoo model and septum piercing and celebrities.

A satirical angle: unbelieveable body modifications (let’s have some laugh at these ppl’s expense, shall we?).

A ‘that’s so cool, man’ angle: 26 amazing body art pictures (not all of them are that amazing, tho).

high brow!

Only three today but interesting ones.

Pigment Library Project

From Ireland, a photo exhbition called ‘Pigment.’


From South Africa an interesting list of trivia focused on ‘famous firsts for women,’ tattoos included (Maud Wagner mentioned).

Winston-Salem tattoo museum

From the US, an article about the Tattoo Archive in Winston-Salem, NC. Always good when someone passionate tries to save the past for the future!

good for everyone

the Lizardman

Bits and pieces today but they are all still interesting!
First of all, a nice array of brave people who decided to change their outward appearance to reflect their inward feelings. The Lizardman included!
Tattoos presented as personal preference and professional persecution (big words!) and a German one presenting tattooing as a profession.
Travelling passion reflected on skin in an article about a girl collecting her tattoos in the places she visits. A little related: tattoos in modern China.

ACHTUNG SPERRFRIST 11.08.14 um 11:00 UHR/ Tattoo Biobatteries
Battery tattoos soon may be yet another example of e-tattoos used in many different fields. This one I would love to use myself and for my mp3players (esp. the one I use for my runs).
WWF Russia and their campaign to raise awareness of endangered species with a little help from tattoo artists. Also related to tattoos and animals, a short text and a video about a certain horse and a tattoo that’s supposed to save the horse’s eye.
An article about growing popularity of tattoos among seniors for dessert. More tattooed people –  less prejudices?