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Interesting things have been happening in Cuba and it’s fascinating to watch how politics affects so many aspects of daily life, tattoos included. For many ppl there sth has been changing and a new light appears. Finally able to breathe, move and express themselves? The Washington Post is only one of the many newspapers that are covering the tattoos in Cuba now.

Polish sprinter

And sth from Poland – kind of silly and cute at the same time and showing how the joy of movement can be one with the joy of self-expression even if – at first – it doesn’t seem to have a deeper meaning. After all, you never know what’s behind a tattoo! ;)

homo sapiens politicus … et pictus est!

Trump tattoos

The US presidential election is in the near future, so no wonder ppl get excited and eager to share their opinions and support for the candidates, also by means of tattoos. Here you have links to tattoos of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders. Not that much interest in Hillary Clinton but at least she got one biggish leg tattoo!

Tattoos seem a perfect way to express your political views and if you change them, you can always go for a cover-up. In the US Obama tattoos were quite popular while in other countries ppl got Mandela tattoos or Ataturk signature tattoos to express their support for modernization of their countries and equal rights.

In Poland tattoos of politicians aren’t that popular but let me re-post this text about patriotic tattoos – we always go big and since our own politicians don’t impress, we choose to recall our glorious past! ;)



Mums and tattoos

tattooed mums

A bit repetitive and yet quite positive things you can find in these lists of things tattooed Mums either come across or are strong enough to show to and teach their kids.

Mums and tattoos

Funnily enough, the Washington Post ran an interesting post in their advice column focused on Mum vs tattooed Daughter thing.

A Polish slide-show about tattoos and women. I actually don’t know whether I should laugh, cry or just shrug this thing off :D

the power of …

tattooed dancers

A a beautiful photography projects focuses on fit bodies and ink – tattoos on dancers show a wonderful flow and the beauty of human bodies. check out the photographer’s website – his other projects are also very interesting and dynamic!

tattoos as a therapy

Boston Marathon bombing and one survivor’s way to cope with the trauma in this personal account of her tattoos.

grandpa tattoos

Finally, a charm of old times in a text about grandpa tattoos. Lal Hardy mentioned!


mass media charm

tattoo regrets

The Daily Mail isn’t the most reliable and credible source of info ever but their articles tend to be quite … amusing? suprising? entertaining? When you get to read about this guy and his tattoo regrets, can you really take him seriously? His reasoning behind his regrets and his determination to get rid of his inked past are really convincing? Is his tragedy really that big or is it just a promo stunt to get ppl interested in the show? Who knows? ;)


Amore sensible piece of news from Canada – a local piercer very determined to learn and develop her profesional skills (and modern body piercing is a real science!). That’s both just nice and impressive!

loosing their cool or gaining it?

losing their cool

A recent text in the Telegraph claims that tattoos are passe now and the pendulum definitely swings into the tattooo removal field. True as their points may be, they are only superficial and only when we do agree that ppl get tattoos done only to fit and do what’s fashionable at the moment. Since it’s not the case for many ppl, I wouldn’t be so hasty with jumping to the above mentioned conlusion ;)

als Revolte

If you want to get a different, more interesting perspective on tattoos, take a look at the text and pictures posted on the Reuter’s website (quite rightly the section is called “wider image”) – the Hindus fighting for their diginity and respect by means of tattoos. A similar text in German is here.

ear stretching poor Q&A

Knowledge is power but knowledge should be derived from many sources – a short interview with a professor of dermatology focused on ear stretching shows a very biased and narrow point of view; why not to interview an experienced body piercer as well to get a bigger picture of the subject?

the future of the phones

From the forum in Davos come cool preditctions for the future – maybe in a few years some of our phone parts could be implanted under our skin. Seeing how I use the Samsung brand now and they like to compete against the Apple, who knows what will happen? ;)

In short, life is not black and white only; it’s not about being cool or uncool; it’s about making our own choices, deciding what is cool for us and trying to see a bigger picture in everything :)

Polish national tats

national tats

A nice surprise in my fav Polish newspaper today – a pretty long article about patriotism-themed tattoos on Poles! Of course, seeing how most Poles are deadly serious about their country and everything related, these tattooos are all about martyrdom (Polish people are as martyr-like as you can get!), sacrifice, suffering, Pride (yep, it’s always about the capital P). Even our national Independence Day is in November which means no fireworks, no picnics, no fun, no pride (without the cap(s)).

What is interesting in this article is not tattoos themselves; it’s the thoughts, motives and dreams of people who wear these tattoos and these are pretty morose to put it mindly.

And, alas, at least some of the ppl described are very far from the ideal modified human being the late Shannon Larratt wanted to make real – educated, creative, open-minded, independent and trying to do their best just to show that being tattooed/ modified in any unconventional way doesn’t mean being a loser. Let’s just keep on trying! ;)

  • posted by a 100% Polish person without any Polish tattoos! :P


ideals of beauty … women only?

When it comes to so-called beauty, it seems to be about women only. Sure that men have their own issues to tackle but their concerns and beauty standards don’t get that much publicity and media coverage!


Here we have Orlan, a great artist who challenges and discusses beauty standards! There will be an exhibit of her work soon!

A slide show focused on tattooed women who allegedly challenge the conventions! which is a lil debatable!

cosmetic tattooing

Here another way to both challenge and conform to conventions: eyebrow tattooing as in cosmetic tattooing.


Furiosa, a strong female figure who inspires tattoos!


For sth a lil different: a musem exhibit focused on tattoo history coming soon in London!