variety is good!

busy but still reading!

One of the “GoT” tattoos sums is up best: ‘A mind needs books like a stone needs a whetstone if it is to keep its edge.’

100 years of tattoos

more about ‘100 Years of Tattoos’ book.

body suspension

Base suspension here.

It’s never too late – we already know it but it always fun to read about it and know other great minds think the same! ;)

in Polish

Finally, a Polish text about tattoos and their current alleged normalcy – way too simplified but worth some thinking.

poppish and audacious ;)

audacity and tattoos

Audacity and tattoos plus a few pieces of information about tattoos in general.

GoT tattoos

Game of Thrones tattoos – let’s not forget to read the books, so we could actually know more than nothing ;)

Starbuck and their tattoos-related dress code.


Finally, 21 problems that allegedly all tattooed people have – this one’s in Dutch!

creative and cool!

tasmanian project

So maybe a photo project focused on tattooed ppl is not as creative as it may seem at first (there are many similar projects already out there) but since every story is both similar and original at the same time, take a look anyway!

project semicolon

Project Semicolon is a very interesting and noble thing, tho!

coptic tattoos

Tattoos as a way to show both your religion and your courage to believe in it – it’s not always an easy and safe thing to do!

brace tattoos

A cool way to make some lemonade – tattooed leg braces!

Finally, an interesting tattooing style – cross-stitching!



I’m actually fascinated by the concept of tattoo-ism on two levels, both as a modified person and self-proclaimed language fanatic! I love seeing the new words popping out pretty much everywhere and ‘tattoo-ism’ is one of those for sure! But it can’t be denied that despite the growing popularity of tattoos, there are still many prejudices against tattooed people and I think that the word and the concept itself should be wider known – it makes one think not only on a general level but it also forces you (or at least those of us smart enough to be able to reflect on our own feelings and ways of perceiving the world and others) to think on how you look at tattooed people or others that differ from you on any level.

tattoo designs

An interesting book on tattoos soon available – looks quite promising!